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Record of Dedication and Commitment

Established in 1989, Nardev Chemie is a leading Specialty Chemical distributor operating in seven countries in the emerging markets of South East Asia. Nardev has over the years developed into an effective & reputable organization that is driven by a strong and passionate team of experts in the field of technical sales & marketing, formulary applications & logistics. Nardev has forged strong alliances with Chemical and ingredients manufacturers from around the globe bringing innovative ingredients to a fast growing market that continues to evolve and moves up the quality ladder.

In October 2020, we proudly became a part of the Barentz Group. Barentz's expertise and strength has lifted Nardev to a new level which enables us to further enhance & expand our range and quality of services and support to all our partners.

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New & Innovative Products

The fast changing market dynamics of today have resulted in rapidly changing trends, short product cycles, ongoing regulatory updates and keen market competition. Nardev is strongly positioned to introduce and support our broad customer base with new and innovative ingredients that further enhances compliances, quality, efficacy and formulary efficiency. Customers are constantly updated with new developments via direct contacts and frequently organized workshops and seminars.


Establishing a partnership relationship with both our Principals and Customers is an integral part to the success of all parties. As our principal's representative in the market, we are their extension in the responsibilities of marketing, sales, technical support and logistics. Our customers are assured of our utmost commitment to them be it technical knowledge, formulary support and other issues.

Our Network & Logistics

With a combined population exceeding 500 million people, our markets - namely Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore are generally classified as an emerging market with a fast growing middle class. To reach these market effectively, Nardev have strategically located offices and warehousing in major cities including Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta, Surabaya, Yangon, Penang and Ho Chi Minh City.

Technical Capabilities

Our technical sales & marketing personnel comes from a wide background of educational qualifications & working experiences. With an array of pharmacist, Chemist, Biotechnologist & food technologist on our team, coupled with strong products training by our principals and in-house enhancement program, our team are fully equipped to effectively propagate and meet the demand of our customers. All our offices in each country houses a formulation lab that is supported by a Central Formulary laboratory in Jakarta.




505 million
Market size

Technical Support

Consumer products have become increasing sophisticated & complex - and the prevailing short product life cycle adds to the challenge.

Our laboratories in Singapore, Jakarta, Malaysia and Vietnam are designed to work hand-in hand with customers to help develop, improve and adapt formulations. Furthermore a state of the art Laboratory for our regional purpose was established in Jakarta in November 2008.

The Team

Nardev has invested a large portion of its resources into the employment and training of a strong team of sales personnel and a technical support group - many of whom are graduates from the faculty of Chemistry or Pharmacology.

Within the Nardev Group, fifteen different dialects and languages are spoken across various cultural groups. Even though we are diverse in our presence we have remained indigenous in the respective countries representing a total market size of 1.7 billion people.

Vision, Mission & CSR

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